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Hello, dancer!

The Arch Genie™ - foot arch stretcher - was designed by a dancer for dancers! Homemade foot stretchers have been around for a long time, but dancers that weren't exactly "crafty" were unable to find it on the market before the Arch Genie™ came around!

When we began selling the Arch Genie™ in 2009, fancy versions of different foot arch stretchers were selling for over $150.00 dollars!!! We wanted to bring a unique, high quality, lower cost, and equally effective foot arch stretcher to please every dancer! And so the Arch Genie™ was born. Now our product is in such high demand that there are companies making "knock off" versions of the Arch Genie™.

DON'T ACCEPT ANY CHEAP IMITATION OF THE ARCH GENIE™!!! The Arch Genie™ is hand crafted in the USA with top quality, durable materials. We guarantee you will be very satisfied with your purchase!

Now we are pleased to introduce our latest and greatest product...the Arch Genie™II.

With the Arch Genie™II, you get the best of our original Arch Genie™ combined with advanced heel comfort technology for a more enjoyable stretch.

Have fun dancing and watch your feet arches develop with the Arch Genie™II!





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