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The Arch Genie™ - foot arch stretcher - was designed by a dancer for dancers! Our original Arch Genie design was created in the early 2000s. At the time, homemade foot stretchers and arch stretchers had been around for a long time, but dancers that weren't exactly "crafty" were unable to find it on the market before the Arch Genie™ came around!

When we began selling the Arch Genie™ in 2009, fancy versions of different foot stretchers and arch stretchers were selling for over $150.00 dollars!!! We wanted to bring a unique, high quality, lower cost, and more effective foot arch stretcher to please every dancer! And so the Arch Genie™ was born. 

In 2014, we were happy to introduce the Arch Genie II™. The Arch Genie II (our current model of Arch Genie) added advanced heel comfort technology to our original Arch Genie™ for a more enjoyable stretch.

In 2016, we were pleased to introduce our latest and greatest product...the Arch Genie PRO™II. Designed with professional and serious dancers in mind, the Arch Genie PRO provides twice the heel comfort of the Arch Genie II and also a reinforced foot sleeve--making it our most comfortable and durable foot stretcher yet. The Arch Genie PRO also comes standard with our new Go-Bag carrying system!

Have fun dancing and watch your feet arches develop with the Arch Genie II™ and the Arch Genie PRO™!


The Arch Genie II™ and Arch Genie PRO™ foot stretchers and arch stretchers are hand-crafted from the best possible materials and constructed to ensure comfortable, repetitive use as you seek to perfect your foot arch!

* The Arch Genie is a "one size fits all" foot arch stretcher and has been designed to accommodate dancers ages 8 and older.

* The base material is inflexible, designed to withstand the intense stress of the foot stretch and any wear and tear that may occur from other sources.

* The base is padded with ergonomic foam to cushion your leg while stretching your foot.

* The heel area is enhanced with our advanced heel comfort system for a more enjoyable foot stretch.

* The foot stretching sleeve is fashioned from durable fabric and will withstand the force of consistent, repetitive arch stretching.


You know it's a great product when cheap knock-offs start to show up in the market!  

The ORIGINAL Arch Genie™ foot arch stretcher bears our tag on the sleeve.  It is a sturdy and comfortable to use foot stretcher and arch stretcher.  

The Arch Genie™ is hand crafted in the USA with top quality, durable materials for the best foot stretch possible. A lot of careful thought and engineering went into the development of our Arch Genie™ foot stretcher and we guarantee you will be very satisfied with your purchase!

DON'T ACCEPT CHEAP IMITATIONS!!! There is only one genuine Arch Genie™ foot stretcher and arch stretcher...and it can only be purchased from either our website, our Amazon.com store, and/or a variety of select distributors inside and outside of the United States.

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