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Arch Genie Arch Genie

How It Works

There is no "RIGHT" or "WRONG" when using the Arch Genie foot stretcher and arch stretcher - but here are some guidelines:

1- In order to avoid cramps, start by lightly stretching your feet.

You may try:

- Pointing and flexing your feet

- Turning your ankles clockwise and counter-clockwise

- Doing some roll-ups (releve)


2- Insert your foot under the Arch Genie foot stretcher sleeve and slowly straighten your leg.

- You will notice that the more you straighten your leg, the stronger the foot arch stretch will be.

- Keep each foot in the stretcher for at least 5 minutes.

- Switch off legs as desired.

- You may also slide your foot further into the sleeve for a deeper stretch.


3- If you can fully straighten your leg while using the Arch Genie foot stretcher you may also try to bend over and touch your toes.

- This will stretch your hamstrings and your foot arch even further.

4- If you are an active dancer* you may try this advanced technique.***

*dancing at least on a weekly basis

***Be careful trying this strengthening stretch if your feet are not warm or if you are beginner as it may cause painful cramps.

- Once your foot is warm and stretched in the Arch Genie try to use your foot muscles so as to hold that stretched pointed position on your own.

- Try to hold for 5 seconds and relax for 5 seconds.

If cramps occur pull out your foot and try these techniques:

- Gently roll your painful foot about and over a golf ball in a pan of warm water. This massages the many small muscles in the sole of your foot. Do this very gently to avoid doing harm to those muscles. This is great, but only works if you have it ready in case spasms occur.

- You may also gently massage your foot with warm oil. Start at the toes and work your way to the heels.

- As soon as your foot begins to spasm try to stand up and put all your body weight onto the painful foot, especially the front (ball) of your foot. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

- Once spasms in your foot stops, pull your toes back with your hand to stretch it.



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