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Juliet Doherty

stretches with "Chevron"

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Miko Fogarty

stretches with "Truffle"

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Allison DeBonna

stretches with "Paisley"

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Featured Products

  • Arch Genie™ - Black

    Our classic "Black" foot stretcher is sleek and goes with any personality! It features a solid black base and a matching...
  • Arch Genie™ - Camo

    Our "Camo" foot stretcher is an homage to Army Green! It features a patterned digital camouflage base and a military gre...
  • Arch Genie™ - Caribbean

    Our "Caribbean" foot stretcher is breezy cool! It features a patterned swirly blue base with matching blue sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Chevron

    Our "Chevron" foot stretcher is crisp and modern! It features a patterned chevron base with a bright yellow sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Geo

    Our "Geo" foot stretcher is geek chic! It features a geometrical patterned gray base with matching gray sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Gray

    Our "Gray" foot stretcher is simple and trendy! It features a solid gray base with matching gray sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Lulu

    Our "Lulu" foot stretcher has subtle pizazz! It features a gray patterned base and a complementing green sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Mint Truffle

    Our "Mint Truffle" foot stretcher is a spin off of the popular "Truffle" style! It features a brown patterned base with ...
  • Arch Genie™ - Paisley

    Our "Paisley" foot stretcher is crisp and stylish! It features a patterned black and yellow base with a matching yellow...
  • Arch Genie™ - Plaid

    Our "Plaid" foot stretcher is nostalgically hip! It features a gray plaid patterned base with a navy blue sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Primrose

    Our "Primrose" foot stretcher is spring-time bliss! It features a green patterned base with a matching pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Rosette

    Our "Rosette" foot stretcher is pink paradise! It features a solid light pink base with a matching light pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Sassy

    Our "Sassy" foot stretcher is feminine with an edge! It features a pink and white sparkle fabric base, and a teal sleev...
  • Arch Genie™ - Spooky

    With our "Spooky" foot stretcher Halloween is everyday! It features a purple spider web patterned base with matching bla...
  • Arch Genie™ - Tiger Lily

    Less than 25 Left! Our "Tiger Lily" foot stretcher is fresh and beautiful! It features a patterned flo...
  • Arch Genie™ - Tropical

    Our "Tropical" foot stretcher is lush and calming! It features a blue patterned base with a hot pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Zebra

    Our "Zebra" foot stretcher is another classic that has been with us since the beginning! It continues to be a beloved d...
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