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Arch Genie Arch Genie

Featured Products

  • Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™ - Package

    Bundle and save by purchasing your choice of Arch Genie™ along with a Go-Bag™.
  • Arch Genie™ - Basic Package

    Our Basic Package includes your choice of Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™ and Genie Band™.
  • Arch Genie™ - Medium Package

    Our Medium Package includes your choice of Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™, and Genie Lastic™, and Genie...
  • Arch Genie™ - Advanced Package

    Our Advanced Package includes your choice of Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™, and Genie Loop™, Genie Ban...
  • Genie Band™

    The GenieBand™ is our new and innovative version of the average resistance band.
  • Genie Lastic™

    The GenieLastic™ is our new segmented elastic band for stretching and toning.
    On Sale
  • Genie Loop™

    The Genie Loop™ is our new stretch loop that allows you to tone, stretch, and strengthen all of your ...
  • Arch Genie™ - Tropical

    Our Tropical foot stretcher is lush and calming! It features a blue patterned base with a hot pink slee...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Geo

    Our Geo foot stretcher is geek chic! It features a geometrical patterned gray base with matching gray ...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Truffle

    Our Mint Truffle foot stretcher is refreshing! It features a brown patterned base with a mint sleeve.
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™- Primrose

    Our Primrose foot stretcher is spring-time bliss! It features a green patterned base with a pink sleeve...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Chevron

    Our Chevron foot stretcher is crisp and modern! It features a patterned chevron base with a bright yell...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Plaid

    Our Plaid foot stretcher is nostalgically hip! It features a gray plaid patterned base with a navy blue...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Lipstick

    Our Lipstick foot stretcher is girly and fun! It features a hot pink base with matching hot pink sleev...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Plum

    Our Plum foot stretcher is fresh and vibrant! It features a solid purple base and a matching purple sl...
    On Sale
  • Arch Genie™ - Royal

    Our Royal foot stretcher is a fun addition to our line of solid patterns! It features a blue base with...
    On Sale
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