Our Company



Arch Genie™ LLC is a family, female, and U.S. Army combat veteran owned business located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area in the United States of America.



The evolution of our business began in 2000, when Priscilla, at the time a young Ballet dancer and now co-owner and operator of Arch Genie™, went in search of a product to stretch and improve the range in her foot arches. All of the products that she found were more than $150 and didn't fit into the meager budget of a young, married, college-age dancer. So she took matters into her own hands and with a bit of creativity, ingenuity, and experimentation the Arch Genie™ was born.


The original prototype of the Arch Genie™ foot stretcher and arch stretcher was created solely for Priscilla's personal use. She began noticing immediate improvements and began using it regularly. It wasn't long before her fellow dancers noticed the difference that the newfound foot arch stretcher had brought about. However, she didn't announce her creation to her colleagues at the time. She continued to use her Arch Genie™ over the next 5 years with no diminishment in product strength or ability to produce results. It was then that she chose to bring the Arch Genie™ to the world. After making a few slight modifications to eliminate bulkiness and enhance comfort and durability, she brought her Arch Genie™ to the world. 


img-2705.jpg           lavender-1.jpg

Original Arch Genie™ Prototype                                         Current Arch Genie II™


Since 2009, we have continued to improve upon our original foot stretcher design as well as adding new products--like the Go-Bag™, Arch Genie PRO™, GenieBand™, GenieLastic™, and GenieLoop™--to our lineup.