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Arch Genie Arch Genie

Arch Genie II™

The Arch Genie is our original foot arch stretcher!

Designed for dancers by a dancer in the early 2000s. We were the first to introduce this type of foot stretcher to the world in 2009. Since then we have added several improvements to make the Arch Genie the best, most comfortable foot stretcher available on the market!

The Arch Genie II is the 2014 update to our original Arch Genie design. Following the advice of our customers, we improved the heel and leg comfort on the Arch Genie II. We also improved the look and added over 10 new styles.

The Arch Genie is a great choice for all ballerinas, dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, yoga enthusiasts, runners, swimmers, rowers, martial artists, ice skaters and other athletes everywhere!!!

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  • Arch Genie™ - Black

    $59.99 49.99
    Our classic Black foot stretcher is sleek and goes with any personality! It features a solid black base and a matching black sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Plum

    $59.99 49.99
    Our Plum foot stretcher is fresh and vibrant! It features a solid purple base and a matching purple sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Paisley

    $59.99 49.99
    *GONE SOON* - Our Paisley foot stretcher is crisp and stylish! It features a patterned black and yellow base with a matching yellow sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Lipstick

    $59.99 49.99
    Our Lipstick foot stretcher is girly and fun! It features a hot pink base with matching hot pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Rosette

    Our Rosette foot stretcher is pink paradise! It features a solid light pink base with a matching light pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Geo

    $59.99 54.99
    *GONE SOON* - Our Geo foot stretcher is geek chic! It features a geometrical patterned gray base with matching gray sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Sassy

    $59.99 49.99
    Our Sassy foot stretcher is feminine with an edge! It features a pink base, and a teal sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Lulu

    $59.99 49.99
    Our Lulu foot stretcher has subtle pizazz! It features a gray patterned fabric base and a complementing green sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Plaid

    $59.99 49.99
    *GONE SOON* - Our Plaid foot stretcher is nostalgically hip! It features a gray plaid patterned base with a navy blue sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™- Primrose

    $59.99 49.99
    Our Primrose foot stretcher is spring-time bliss! It features a green patterned base with a pink sleeve.
  • Arch Genie™ - Basic Package

    $74.99 69.99
    Our Basic Package includes your choice of Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™ and Genie Band™.
  • Arch Genie™ - Medium Package

    $84.99 79.99
    Our Medium Package includes your choice of Arch Genie™ with Go-Bag™, and Genie Lastic™, and Genie Band™.

14 Items


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